Vaikunda Swamikal- Renaissance leaders of Kerala


Hi, This post is about one of the important Renaissance leaders of Kerala.

Hi friends, In this post, I want to give a short notes on Brahmanada Sivayogi– one of the famous renaissance leaders of Kerala.

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Vaikunda Swamikal(1809-1851)

  • Birth place- Swamithoppu(Kanyakumari)
  • Born in- 1809
  • Initially named as ‘ Mudichoodum Perumal’- meaning ‘ Lord with a crown’
    • But, uppercast people forced his parents to change his name to Muthukutty
  • Later he himself changed his name as Vaikunda Swamikal
  • Organised – Samatva Samajam in 1836
    • The earliest Social organisation in Kerala
  • He was the first person to perform mirror consecration in South India
    • At swamithoppu in 1851
  • ‘wage for work’ – is his slogan towards landlords
  • Ayyavazhi – dharmic belief system centered on the life and preaching of Vaikundar
    • Symbol of Ayyavazhi- lotus bearing flame
  • He bore so many public wells for the use of all castes
  • He followed the traditional job of palm climbing and tapping
  • Chief source of information regarding Vaikunda Swamikal –Akhilathirthu Ammanai
  • Akhilathiruthu Ammanai and its supplementary work Arul nool was composed by- Harigoplan(disciple)
  • He was arrested and imprisoned
    • At Singarathoppu(Thiruvananthapuram)
    • By Swathi Thirunal
    • Released after 110 days of imprisonment on March 26,1839
    • From 1994 onwards, March 26 is a public holiday in Kanyakumari district
  • Ayyaguru was the jailor at the time, accepted Vaikunda Swami as Guru
  • He was the first person who raised the slogan “ one caste,one reliogion,one race,one world,one God mor humanity”
  • Nizhal Thangal:
    • Small buildings founded in various parts of South India to support the needy and destitute
  • He founded common wells called

 “ Munthirikkinar” for people from all castes

Condemned that;

  • Rule of Raja in Thravancore as – “ Rule of black devil”
  • Rule of British in Thravancore as – “ Rule of white devils”
  • His disciples were named Pandavas

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