Malayali Memorial and Ezhava Memorial for Kerala PSC Exams


Malayali Memorial and Ezhava Memorial for Kerala PSC Exams

Hi, In this post I will discuss about the Malayali Memorial and Ezhava Memorial which are important for Kerala PSC Exams

1.Malayali Memorial

Malayali Memorial was a mass petition submitted to Travancore Maharaja on 1st January 1891.

It was submitted to  Maharaja of Travancore

10028 persons from different classes signed the malayali memoriall.

It was submitted to consider educated people from communities other than Namboothiris.

G.P. Pillai , K.P. Sankara Menon and Dr. Palpu were the main leaders.

But there was no immediate action from the Government.


(1)Who was the first signatory of Malayali Memorial in 1891?

 Answer:   K.P. Sankara Menon

(2)Who was the second signatory of Malayali Memorial in 1891?

   Answer:  G P Pillai

(3)Who was the third signatory of Malayali Memorial in 1891?

Answer: Dr Palpu

2.Ezhava Memorial


It was also submitted to the Travancore Maharaja to consider educated Ezhavas for Government jobs.

It was submitted on 3rd September 1896 .

It was signed by 13176 members

It pleaded for among other things, the extension of civil rights and government jobs to members of the lower castes and the Ezhavas in particular.

It also pleaded for the opening of public schools to the Ezhavas.

The response of the government was not in favour of the people.

Thus a second memorial was presented to the viceroy Curzon in 1900. But it also failed


(1)Ezhava Memorial was submitted to
Answer :Sree Moolam Thirunal

(2)The leader of Ezhava Memorial
Answer : Dr.Palpu

(3)The leader of Second Ezhava Memorial
Answer : Dr.Palpu

(4)Second Ezhava Memorial was submitted in
Answer : 1900







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