My video courses in Unacademy

My video courses in Unacademy


Hi Friends, I would like to tell you that, I am one of the educators in Unacademy, The big platform for Competitive Exam coaching like Civil Service Exam conducted by UPSC, CGL,CHSL, JE etc conducted by Staff Selection Commission (SSC), and state PSC exams including Kerala PSC. It also doing the coaching for JEE entrance.

    You can watch my courses in Unacdaemy here. Each couses contains a minimum of 5 lessons. All of you can access it in web or using Unacademy app.It is free of cost. No fee to be paid. You can enroll for the courses, download the course/ lessons or the slides as such.
   You can follow me in Unacdemy, so that you will get all the notifications of courses whenever a new course is added.
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    The following are the courses I have made till now. You can watch each lessons as well.

Course 1:  Renaissance leaders of Kerala

Course 2: Constitutional Bodies in India

Course 3:  Non Constitutional Bodies in India

Course 4: Malayalam Grammar Lessons

Lesson 1: Namam, lingam, Vibhakthi-Malayalam grammar (in Malayalam)

Lesson 2: Vachanam,kriya-Malayalam grammar (in Malayalam)

Lesson 3: Vinayecham – Malayalam grammar(in Malayalam)

Lesson 4: Aksharam-swaram, Vynjanam-Malayalam grammar(in Malayalam)

Lesson 5: Bhedakam, Dyothakam – Malayalam grammar(in Malayalam)

Lesson 6: Sandhi-Malayalam grammar(in Malayalam)

Lesson 7: Samaasam-Malayalam grammar (in Malayalam)

Lesson 8: Vakyam- Malayalam grammar (in Malayalam)

Lesson 9: Chihnanam (punctuation) – Malayalam grammar (in Malayalam)

Lesson 10: Malayalam translation of some idioms and phrases

Lesson 11:


Course 5 : Awards and Honours

Lesson 1: Oscar Awards – about Oscar with 90th Oscar Highlights (in Malayalam)

Lesson 2: National Film Awards-65th (in Malayalam)

Lesson 3: Literary Awards (in Malayalam)

Lesson 4: Literary Awards Part 2 (in Malayalam)

Lesson 5: Nobel Prize (in Malayalam)

Course 6:  International Organizations

Course 7 : How to prepare Indian Constitution for Kerala PSC part 1

Course 8 : How to prepare Indian Constitution for Kerala PSC part 2

Course 9 : How to prepare Indian Constitution for Kerala PSC part 3






All The Best for all the Aspirants…