15 tips to avoid sleep while studying

15 tips to avoid sleep while studying
 sleep during study
sleep during study

Hi friends, welcome to ” My Notebook”. Today I would like to share with you 15 tips to avoid sleep while studying. how to study with out being sleepy/ how to effectively study without sleeping.

Most of the people / aspirants are facing this problem. When we started studying, after sometime we get bored and feel sleepy, and the study will be interrupted. the reason for feeling sleepy can be many. That may be due to physical tiredness, or some other reasons like not having interest in studying, or not an interesting topic. To do a good preparation,first of all we should have a clear and focused aim, i.e the reason for the preparation.  Getting a job is a need of everyone, but the degree of need vary.

Here , I am going to explain 15  tips to avoid sleep while studying. how can we avoid sleep and make  our studies effective.

  1. Sit in a straight position.
sitting straight to study
sitting straight to study

The first tip is , you need to sit in a straight position while studying. Sit in a chair with flat back  and avoid cushioned or comfortable chairs. Avoid study sitting on the bed. The scientific reason is that, when our body is in a relaxed position, our body secretes a hormone called Lactin. This lactin give signal to our brain that, it is the time to relax, it is the time to sleep. So, to avoid the large secretion of lactin, we need to avoid comfortable sitting positions while studying.

When we are in a comfortable position, and lactin is produced, our body is being forced to do two opposite things at the same time. one to study, and the other to relax and sleep. which one will win?  the sleep 🙂

so, there should be a physical activity while we doing something continuously. When we sit straight in a chair, we are taking some physical effort to do so. And by sitting straight the problems like neck pain, back pain etc due to wrong sitting positions can be avoided.

2.  Strictly avoid the lying position

some students study lying on their bed or sofa or something. But, the problem is that after sometime we will have a tendency to take rest for sometime, and fall asleep. There also, the brain get the two contradictory signals; to sleep  and to study. And the sleep will win again.

3. Take notes while you read
 taking notes to study

taking notes to study

It is a good practice to take down notes while you study.  It will avoid sleep as it is also a physical activity. Note taking also helps in the better retaining of the things we studied .Note taking is also an art. In the video I have uploaded in “My Notebook” You Tube channel, I explain in detail about the note taking and the art of note making.

4. Change the topic if you feel sleepy

If we are studying  the same topic for a long time, we will feel bored and automatically feel sleepy. Then, change the topic, Take a topic that you have interest in. then continue study.

5. Change your sitting position frequently.

You need to change your sitting position freqently. That means you can stretch your fingers, stretch your legs, and walk a few steps. this will energize our body.

6. walk and study for some time

Here also, some physical activity is happening. Studies proved that walking really helps to increase our brain activity.

7. Read loudly whenever possible.

if you are studying for a long time, and feeling sleepy try reading aloud for sometime. thi swill also help in registering data in our brain more fast.

8. Avoid reading continuously without a break.

some people read continuously for a long time without a minute break. The problem is that, on doing so, they will enter in a semiconscious state. that is they are in a state of half mind.They may be reading without actually understanding, what they really reading. If it is not registered properly in mind, we cannot recall the things and retain in our memory. Taking a break is must during study.

9. Avoid keeping eyes too much close to book

It is not advisable to keep eyes too much close to book while you reading.  That will make our eyes tired and that will lead to sleep. So, try not to give to much strain to eyes.

10. Do some easy exercise

Take a  5 minutes break for every 50 minutes, and do some easy exercises like walking in the courtyard,  go outside and get some fresh air etc, this will stimulate brain activities and avoid sleeping.

11. Take a small break.

Take a  5 minutes break for every 50 minutes, and that will avoid getting bored  and avoid sleeping.

12. get a cold shower or wash your face.

If you are too much tired and feeling sleepy, and cannot  compromise  the time,then you can take a cold shower or you can wash your face to feel better.

13.  drink plenty of water.

Drinking plenty of water is very good for body and mind. We need to be hydrated always. make a habit of drinking more water. it will help in avoiding sleep also.

14. Study in groups.
 study in group

study in group

when you study in groups with people having the same aim ( to get a Govt job), your study will be more effective and you will not feel sleepy.

15. take a cat nap (short duration sleep)

If you cannot control the sleep, and tried and cannot study just take a short duration sleep. It is called as “catnap”. But, please make sure that you set a alarm which is in good condition. You should not continue the sleep for a long time. It should just for the refreshment.

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