ISRO-Indian Space Research Organization

ISRO-Indian Space Research Organization The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) (Hindi; bhārtīya antrikṣ anusandhān saṅgṭhan) is the space agency of the Government of India and has its headquarters in the city of Bengaluru. ISRO Vision  Its vision is to “harness space technology for national development while pursuing space science research & planetary exploration”. More Details … Read more

Formation of Kerala state-Modern history of Kerala-KAS Kerala Administrative Service Exam

Formation of Kerala state-Modern history of Kerala-KAS Kerala Administrative Service Exam Formation of Kerala state  Travancore-Cochin The two independent kingdoms of Travancore and Cochin joined the Union of India after India gained independence in 1947.  On 1 July 1949, the two states were merged to form Travancore-Cochin (Thiru Kochi). On 1 January 1950, Travancore-Cochin was recognised as a state. The Madras … Read more

Medieval Kerala-Kerala History Class 4-KAS Kerala Administrative Exam

Early medieval period-Medieval Kerala-Kerala History Early medieval period Political changes in Kerala Tharisapalli plates granted to Saint Thomas Christians testify that merchant guilds and trade corporations played a very significant role in the economy and social life during the Kulasekhara period. Much of history of the region from the 6th to the 8th century is … Read more

Cultural Heritage of Kerala History-KAS Kerala Administrative Service Exam

Kerala History Cultural Heritage of Kerala Classical period Muziris in the Tabula Peutingeriana, an itinerarium showing the road network in the Roman Empire. Early ruling dynasties Kerala’s dominant rulers of the early historic period were the Cheras, a Tamil dynasty with its headquarters located in Vanchi. The location of Vanchi is generally considered near the … Read more

History of Kerala Class 2- Prehistoric Period-KAS Kerala Administrative Service Exam

History of Kerala Prehistoric Period of Kerala Archaeological studies have identified many Mesolithic, Neolithic and Megalithic sites in Kerala. These findings have been classified into Laterite rock-cut caves (Chenkallara), Hood stones (Kudakkallu), Hat stones (Toppikallu), Dolmenoid cists (Kalvrtham), Urn burials (Nannangadi) and Menhirs (Pulachikallu). The studies point to the indigenous development of the ancient Kerala … Read more