Current affairs March 21, 2018

  Who won the Russian Presidential election held on 18th March 2018? Ans: Vladimir putin Explanation: Held on- 18 March, 2018   When is the international happiness day observed? Ans: March 20 Explanation: Every March 20 Founded by UN special advisor Jayme illien To inspire, mobilize and advance the global happiness movement 1st UN conference … Read more

Company/Board/Corporation Assistant – Detailed Syllabus

 Company/Board/Corporation Assistant – Detailed Syllabus Hi friends, The exam date for Company/Board/Corporation Assistant is postponed to 9th June , 2018. It is the time to fasten our seat belt for the race. J  The detailed syllabus of Company/Board/ Corporation Assistant is given below. You can download it in pdf format from here. Total Marks: 100 … Read more

About My Notebook

Hi friends, My Notebook is a blog/website created to help Engineering students in their studies, and the Aspirants Preparing for Competitive Exams. we  have been blogging in since 2012. Now, it is the time to expand this platform. We are runnning the Youtube channels ” My Notebook” , ” EEE made easy” and LGS … Read more